Enjoy an outstanding ALL INCLUSIVE cruise, on a large and spacious sailing catamaran, and snorkel with the largest fish in the world! The whale shark filters surface water for microscopic plankton, which allows us to swim beside these rare and gentle giants. The PREMIER tour of its kind, our whale shark excursion includes a cruise of approximately 4.5 to 5 hours, and includes savory organic meals, a skilled and educated crew, and a marine biologist as snorkel leader. There is nothing to bring, we provide it all, a power support boat, bottled water, beer, sodas, an open bar, private bathrooms, fresh water showers, laundered towels, all the equipment needed. Truly a lifetime experience!

Success Rate


Baja Charters and Island Cat, have successfully operated the premier whale shark encounter for six years with a perfect track record when the Port was open. The Whale Shark season runs from October through April. This seventh season, 2018-2019, is being micro-managed by Semarnat, the governmental agency charged with protecting the whale sharks. Rules are changing frequently, sometimes daily. This season opening was delayed by Semarnat, day by day, until mid-October. The evening of October16th, Semarnat decided that for the next few days, the whale shark experience was for close observation. A fully-licensed operator can be within feet of them, but guests are not to swim with them in zone ONE of the three whale shark feeding zones. It is important to note that we are operating in the open sea. It takes fifteen minutes to an hour, or longer, to find the gentle giants. If we do not find them, we will extend the cruise to swim with sea lions, tropical fish over corals, and explore remote beaches, bays, and coves. This is the first season this has been necessary.



We are a large and spacious sailing catamaran with one or more 22’ assist boats for getting you up close and personal to the whale sharks. We provide all the snorkel gear needed along with a choice of full-face or standard, snorkel masks. We include two meals on board, along with a host of drinks and snacks, an open bar, a marine biologist as your snorkel leader and hostess, private bathrooms and showers, lay-out areas, etc. NO ONE DOES IT LIKE WE DO. We are The Premier Provider. We are NOT a cattle-car tour operator. Over half our business comes from returning guests that go out with us again and again.



Semarnat restricts the number of swimmers in the water with a single whale shark to six. The time limit in the whale shark feeding zone is 40 minutes per each group of six swimmers.



The winds and waves of the Cabo area are rarely an indication of winds and waves in La Paz. The sea around the whale shark feeding zone, is usually swimmable. Much more so than the Cabo area. However, that can change without notice. We are careful to exam wind and wave predictions daily, but wave heights and wind forecasts are frequently wrong. Last year we had to cancel the Whale Shark encounter six times over a seven-month period for weather.



Some guests want extra protection in the colder months, where the air temperature gets down into the mid 70’s F. We have wetsuits and shorties available for free, in all adult sizes for both women and men. We also have private hot water showers and fresh clean towels for when you exit the water.

Exclusive private yacht.

Not a tour boat​!

You may bring your own cameras!

Large, spacious, sailing catamaran

Half-Day, Full-Day

and Overnight Charters

Marine Biologist as teacher, hostess and guide

Attendant dive boat

for easy access

Educated, professional, english-speaking crew

Many areas for relaxation

Personal Service

Chef on board

Local farm fresh vegetables and fruits brought daily

Two meals included

Snacks, bottled water, soft drinks and beer

Open Bar

Fresh water showers

Private Bathrooms

Freshly laundered towels

Clean, new snorkel equipment

Snorkel vests (as opposed to bulky life jackets)

Wetsuits included

T shirts, Sweatshirts and Hats

Quality ground transportation with video

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award

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