Whale Shark Encounter

Swimming with whale sharks is one of life’s great outdoor experiences. The marine life and its ecosystem can be delicate, so you may be secure in the knowledge that Baja Charters appreciates and respects these natural wonders. Baja Charters works closely with various government agencies charged with protecting these great natural resources.

Four federal agencies have overlapping jurisdiction in the nautical environment. Without prior notice, agencies will close the whale shark feeding zone for research and review. This is particularly difficult for conducting whale shark activities. The impact of fluctuating federal requirements may affect park entry, and whether guests are allowed to swim with a whale shark inside the designated whale shark park. There are options outside the park but these are not predictable. Therefore, we can no longer guarantee you will be able to swim with a whale shark.

When the above described situation arises, and it does from time to time without prior notice, we automatically provide a modified activity as follows: We cruise approximately an hour further north beyond the controlled whale shark area to search for whale sharks. This adds time to the excursion, the costs of which we cover. We also include visits to two or three remote beaches, bays, and coves where, weather permitting, we put out kayaks, and other non-motorized water toys. These are not legal inside the whale shark feeding zone but are legal outside that specific area. Also included is swimming with tropical fish over corals and a visit to the sea lion colony of San Rafaelito, along with an onboard chef, meals, beverages, an open bar, private bathrooms and showers, towels, snorkel equipment, a separate snorkel boat with guide, and reef-friendly sunscreen.

Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to provide a high-quality experience, regardless of whether we are able to locate whale sharks given federally applied restrictions.

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